12-Week Transformational Coaching: Mind, Body & Spirit

taught by Lexlee Overton
Lexlee Overton
Lexlee Overton
Mindset Expert & Coach

About the instructor

Maybe you want to lose 10 (or 20) pounds.

Maybe you want to decrease the amount of stress in your life.

Maybe you’ve finally decided it’s time to follow through with something you’ve always wanted to do…

If you’re looking to make some big changes but don’t know where to start, this one-on-one coaching program is for you. Think of it like a 12 week life makeover, where we work together to accomplish:

  • Feel less stressed, more organized, and more powerful
  • Creating a daily ritual to set positive intentions and create your perfect day
  • Overcome fears and negative thoughts that are holding you back from living a life you love and realizing your true purpose
  • Deciding exactly what outcomes you want to happen in 12 weeks - and manifest them into reality

What you’ll receive:

  • One on one coaching sessions every week for 12 weeks
  • Powerful weekly exercises to fuel your progress
  • Daily guided meditation call-in
  • Access to Lexlee’s personal meditation library
  • Goal setting and tracking worksheets
  • A “Transformation” welcome kit (includes a journal, white sage branch for purifying your meditation space, and a crystal charged just for you).

Course Contents

1 Survey
6 Texts
100.0 hrs