7-Day Beginner Meditation Challenge

taught by Lexlee Overton
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Lexlee Overton
Lexlee Overton

About the instructor

Lexlee Overton is a lawyer, entrepreneur, mindset expert, and creator of Mind Over Law - The Method, which helps hundreds of lawyers achieve optimal mindset for superior levels of performance in and out of the courtroom. 

After years as a successful trial lawyer, Lexlee suffered from professional overwhelm and burn out and decided to explore ways to be a better lawyer without sacrificing mental and physical well-being. Using psychology, meditation, and Eastern Energy medicine, she developed a modern day approach to release stress, anxiety, and fear, using scientifically proven techniques to training the minds and become a power performer. She is certified in Shamanic Energy Medicine through The Four Winds.


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Course Contents

3 Videos
1 Survey
4 Texts
6 Audios
1 Download