7-Day Beginner Meditation Challenge

taught by Lexlee Overton
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Lexlee Overton
Lexlee Overton
Mindset & Meditation Coach

About the instructor

Lexlee Overton is a Mindset and Meditation Coach, teacher, speaker and entrepreneur. During her 20 year career as a lawyer, Lexlee lived under constant stress of deadlines and demand of a busy law practice which led to the physical and mental tolls of stress, Thankfully, she discovered the power of meditation to reduce anxiety and provide a deep sense of peace and inner strength. Lexlee began to study ancient practices to tap into the power of the mind for top productivity, deeper intuition and inner wisdom. She began to develop modern day empowering practices to help herself and others tap into their deepest strengths and unique gifts and power to manifest clear vision to live a life they love.

Course Contents

2 Surveys
5 Texts
6 Audios
1 Download