Course Description

Using the Power of Your Mind for Optimal Performance in the Practice of Law.

The Mindset Mastery 6 week Challenge Includes:

Mind Mapping - Exact (but customizable) action steps to decrease stress and increase focus and clarity and become wire your brain to manage mindset, emotions and behavior for success.

Weekly Mindset Trainings to bring your energy and performance to the next level.

Private Online Community with other lawyers looking to leverage the power of their minds.

Weekly Powerful Meditation and Visualizations to shift stress to drive success by re-mapping your brain and emotions for optimal performance.  

Mindset Mastery Resource Library with Mind Empowering Techniques created specifically for lawyers that help you to:

  • increase power of focus and clarity
  • overcome emotional and mental blocks to success
  • use the power of meditation to increase the power of your  Mind
  • discover practical tools to unleash powerful purpose
  • understand and revise your money story
  • learn the secret language of money
  • move from fear of money to mastery of money

This Challenge is Specifically Designed for the Lawyer Who Desires to:

  • Create a mindset for power performance and to easily combat stress, worry, and anxiety.
  • Tap into the power of increased productivity, focus, and clarity.
  • Learn to release fear and stop procrastination rooted in it. 
  • Develop a 'Warrior' mindset and tune into the power of courage to create big wins in your practice of law.  
  • Instantly find solutions to their biggest challenges - from difficult clients to difficult cases - by training their brain for creative problem solving. 
  • Create a mindset for financial success in the practice of law by releasing their subconscious blocks to financial abundance.
  • Discover the power to stop simply reacting to life and to begin designing it with vision instead.  
  • Have clients, money, success, and more FREEDOM while STILLL feeling ALIVE and FULFILLED in the practice of law.

Come join lawyers from across the world to master your mindset, be more powerful in and out of the courtroom, and become the happiest lawyer you know.

Lexlee Overton

For 20 years, Lexlee Overton has been a successful entrepreneur and business owner.  As a trial lawyer, Lexlee maintained a winning record of extensive verdicts on behalf of her clients in complex litigation cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death.  She is a member of the Louisiana Association for Justice, American Association for Justice, and is licensed to practice in all Louisiana State and Federal Courts. After completing Trial Lawyers College in 2002, Lexlee joined the staff of the college teaching trial lawyers cross the country how to be transformative in the courtroom by learning to tell their clients' stories from a place of passion and authenticity.  Not only is Lexlee the owner and managing attorney of her own law firm, but she is also the founder and President of the Board of Lexlee’s Kids, one of Louisiana’s foremost non-profit organizations dedicated to injury prevention of children.  For almost 15 years, Lexlee has received advanced training studying human behavior, which she uses to assist lawyers across the country in having rewarding relationships with their clients and profitable law practices.  Today, Lexlee’s career is expanding into providing consulting and coaching services for law firms, lawyers and various business professionals.  She helps her clients learn how to use scientifically proven techniques for training their minds to release stress, anxiety and fear to become power-performers and love what they do -- all at the same time. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Level One - Mindset Mastery


    • Level One: Creating A Powerful Mindset

    • 2. What's Your Mindset?

    • Daily Creative Journal Pages

    • Schedule Free Strategy Call With Lexlee

  • 2

    Level Two: Creative Mindset - The Formula To Everything You Desire

    • 1. Power Mindset - Stop Surviving and Start Thriving.

    • 2. It's Time - Change Your Mind to Change Your LIfe

    • 3. Creating Life Worksheet - The step by step formula to to increase peace, passion and prosperity.

    • 4. Daily Mindset Magic

    • 5. Creative Life Audio - Discover the powerful success formula to creating the life you want!

    • 6. Daily Power Mindset Practice

    • Daily Mindset Practice (without introductory explanation)

  • 3

    Level Three: Mind Empowering Practcies

    • 1. Empowering Practice of MEDITATION

    • The Secrets to Meditation with Ease

    • 2. Empowering Practice of AWARENESS

    • Awareness - The Key is all about the WITNESS

    • 3. Empowering Practice of PRESENCE

    • The Secret to Being Impactful

    • 4. Empowering Practice of BREATH

    • 7 Breath - 7 seconds to Shift Everything About How You Feel

  • 4

    Meditation and Resource Library

    • Awakening Awareness Meditation - Awaken the Power Within.

    • Focus Meditation - Stop the feeling of overwhelm and shift to purposeful impact with clients, opposing counsel and even your family.

    • Awareness Meditation - Know the power of being the witness.

    • Meditation to Create the Perfect Day (Yes! It's Possible!)

    • Meditation for Restful Sleep - Let go and restore your mental and physical energy with powerful sleep.

    • Grounding Meditation -The key to strength and impact in your life.

    • Gratitude Meditation - The instant shift from scarcity to abundance.

    • 7 Day Meditation Challenge - In 7 short days, master the art of shifting your state with meditation.

    • Power of Focus: Mindset Guidance

  • 5

    Recordings of Coaching Calls

    • Week One Group Coaching Call

    • Week Two Coaching Call - The Power of Presence

    • Week Three Coaching Call - Mind Mapping

    • Week Four Coaching Call - Overcoming Obstacles

    • Week Five Coaching Call - Empowering Questions

    • Week Six Coaching Call - Vision Mindset - Power Words

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